25 Jun '15: Winter Solstice Swim

Winter Solstice Swim and Update on Waterfront Canal Development

ATC Canal Swim – Parking Area Development:

As you have probably heard by now, the V & A Waterfront has informed us that they will be commencing with the redevelopment of the Amsterdam Parking Area shortly.  This is the area where we start our canal swim from.  The development will largely reduce and limit the use of the canal in the area surrounding the parking area.
We have discussed the possibility of using unaffected areas of the Canal while development is in progress but have not yet had confirmation of any alternative arrangement.  We will keep you posted regarding this.
The canal swim will continue as per normal for the remainder of June.    

Winter Solstice: 25 June 2015 Canal Swim

For now we would like to request that you support the Harbour Master and V&A Waterfront's Winter Solstice Canal Swim, which takes place tomorrow (Thursday).  You can go down and take your plunge at any of the times listed below but we would like as many of the ATC Canal Swimmers present at the 18:00 time-slot.
Through this gesture, we would like to show our appreciation of the use of the canal and to demonstrate that there is a need for us to continue to use the canal.
Whilst the development is in progress we may have restrict the number of swimmers at our own sessions and ATC will then have to give preference to our regular supporters.
Please find details of tomorrow's plunge below.  For once, NO WETSUITS will be allowed but it is literally just a plunge.  The Solstice swim is just across the canal, about 50 meters.

Solstice Swim Invite:

In Maritime Tradition it is customary to celebrate the Winter Solstice in port, by jumping off the bow of your ship and swimming to the transom or stern. In naval terms this works out as a distance of about 75 metres. The Waterfront has continued with this tradition by hosting an annual 50 metre swim in the Marina Canal. This year it will take place on Thursday 25 June 2015.

To facilitate those that work, the start time is staggered as 16h30, 17h00, 17h30 and 18h00. The swim is conducted in a speedo costume, and the only prize is a cup of coffee or cocoa, and an opportunity for you to write your name in the “Duty Officer’s Register”.

Please find below all the details, and you are invited at your own risk to enjoy this age old tradition, with good shipmates.

In Summary:

  • Date: 25 June 2015 in the afternoon/evening
  • Starts: 16h30, 17h00, 17h30, 18h00.
  • Distance: 50 metres
  • Location: Marina Canal, near the West Quay Office Block, up from the Cape Grace Hotel
  • Clothing: Come dressed in tracksuit to swim as there are no change facilities on site
  • Showers: There are no showers, so towel off and dress warm.
  • Water Temp: 11 degrees C
  • Safety: Medic on site, and inflatable boat on the water.
  • Refreshments: Free coffee and/or cocoa.
  • Parking: Park on the concrete slabs opposite CALTEX, and walk under the Dock Road bridge down the Canal towards the Waterfront, being a distance of 200 metres.
The following organisations have been invited: V&A Waterfront Staff, The Marina Residents, The Canoe Polo Club, The Dragon Boat Club, Atlatech Divers, DRC Diving, Cape Diving, The SUP Guys, The Cape Long Distance Swimmers, The V&A Charter Boat Companies, Cape Long Distance Swimming Association, The Two Oceans Aquarium, ATC Multisport, Adventure Works, Open Water Kayaking,

Please RSVP, for coffee catering, or any queries to one of the below:

Michael Thomas: mthomas@waterfront.co.za
Lucille Van Harte: lvharte@waterfront.co.za
We look forward to seeing you there!!
ATC created a new mailing list from the list of members who have signed in for the Canal Swim at least once.  We will use this list to communicate important information around the development around the Canal over the next couple of months.  This list will not be used for any other purpose.
See you in the Canal!